Brown Precision, Inc. Receives Bronze Medal from DRS Technologies (DRS Test & Energy Management)

September 13, 2007

Brown Precision, Inc. In recognition of sustained excellence in quality on-time delivery cost/price control, and support as a supplier and as a trading partner1Y0-256 in DRS Test & Energy Management, Inc. Supplier Certification Program is granted “Certified Strategic Supplier”. Benefits accruing with the award include:
  • DRS TEM Most Preferred Supplier
  • No DRS TEM Source Inspection
  • Product Certification for Direct Shipment
  • Reduced Administrative Costs
  • Ten Percent Price Advantage Under Competitive Bidding for Certified Items
  • DRS TEM Partner in Product Improvement1Y0-259 for Maximum Customer Satisfied and Promoting Increased Sales
  • Long-Term Business Relationship